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Master Kim Workshop

Mountain Taoism
Master Hyunmoon Kim

Unifying Body-Mind-Spirit: Transformation Through the Breath ~
The Traditional Mountain Taoist Way of Healing & Spirituality

For thousands of years SunDo existed as a secret mountain practice for "returning the light" passed on from teacher to student through a long lineage of Taoist hermits. Master Hyunmoon Kim is one of a handful of master teachers trained by the mountain hermits. He combines contemporary western psychology with ancient eastern wisdom to teach the principles of SunDo-Taoism.

Within the last few decades, SunDo has grown from a small practice group to a world-wide organization, while remaining true to its mission of helping people awaken to higher states of consciousness through personal transformation. Master Kim offers SunDo Mountain Taoist tradition to modern Western society for personal healing and self-reliance, for strengthening our communities, and for the preservation of the Way for future generations.

SunDo offers a variety of seasonal Mountain Taoist Retreats which include intensive SunDo practices and clinics with more detailed instruction on the practice, plus evening talks & meditations as well as other workshops. SUNDO RETREAT SCHEDULE >>

DESCRIPTION: During SunDo practice, rhythmic breathing meditation and posture sets enhance the vital flow of energy in the body. Negative energy blockages are cleared and a practitioner experiences transformation of physical, mental and emotional health. At advanced levels, SunDo leads to a powerful sense of self-realization and higher consciousness.


May all beings aware of the ultimate Tao

Attain wisdom, consciousness, and ability through discipline.

Having united Dharma and Tao into harmony,

Save and enlighten all sentient beings.

— Bekyung (Secret Boundary) & the SunDo Mountain Taoist Tradition


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